“Davido Is Thre@ten!ng To De@l With My Daughter”


"Davido Is Thre@ten!ng To De@l With My Daughter"

Mother of Heidi Fraukorth, the estranged wife of Sina Rambo has cried out that Nigerian singer, Davido has threatened to deal with her daughter, Heidi and shared a DM the singer sent her following her daughter recent comment on his wife, Chioma.

It would be called that days ago, Heidi called Chioma endurance group while slamming a troll who tried to compare her with Chef Chi.



Following this, Heidi’s mum alleged in her post that the singer had sent her a DM threatening to deal with Heidi (her daughter) while replying to the post published by an Instagram blog.



Heidi’s mum stated in the post that she want everyone to know that if anything happens to her daughter, Davido should be held responsible for it as he threatened to deal with her daughter.




According to Heidi’s mum, she has many threat messages to her daughter which have been ignored over a couple of days but this time, they are not ignoring this. she said she want the whole world to see this so nobody will take her silence for granted.

Meanwhile, Heidi Fraukorth, estranged wife of Davido’s cousin, Sina Rambo has continued to blown hot as she announces she is no longer part of the Adeleke’s family, revealing she has no personal issue with Chioma Rowland.


This came after the estranged wife of Sina Rambo slammed a troll who tried to compare her to Chioma stating that the troll should carry her endurance group somewhere else.


Following her reaction earlier and the media response, Korth had taken to social me clear the air about her relationship with the Adeleke’s family.


According to Korth, she’s no longer an Adeleke. She urged netizens to let her live her life in peace as she announces that her divorce process is on the way.


She also urged online users to stop causing unnecessary competition asking if Chioma ever personally ever tell anyone she have a problem with her.


She concluded that she not an Adeleke anymore, they can have it, she don’t want it.


In her words; “I want to make it known that I am NO LONGER an Adeleke please. My divorce process is on the way. So y’all leave me alone to live my life in peace. Stop causing unnecessary competition. Did Chioma personally ever tell ya’ll I have a problem with her? Pls leave me alone. I am NOT an Adeleke anymore. They can have it. I don’t want it.”


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