“Don’t Call Me Babe… We Are Brother And Sister”


"Don't Call Me Babe... We Are Brother And Sister"

Big brother Titans housemate, Kanaga has told his colleague and seemingly love interest, Tsatsii that he doesn’t want to be call Babe.



Tsatti had in the video requested that Kanaga should help her with water, referring to him as “Babe” which he replied in a jocking manner that he don’t want to be called Babe. According to him there are brother and sister.


Kanaga further inquired to know what brother is call in Tsatsii language which she told him “Ubhuti and Udade”. He stated that she should address him as Ubhuti.


Watch the video below:

In a related news, Big Brother Titans housemate, Nana has given a distressing narrative of how she dropped out of school after her family failed to support her.

She claimed that her father never supported her, calling her a mistake. The 22-year-old revealed this on Tuesday, January 17, while conversing with her female housemates.



She said; “I was in 300 level when I had to drop out. I cried a lot coz of this. This made me to go through a lot. I had to take care of myself.



I don’t owe my mum anything cos I was in the street way too early, bringing things home, she never asked me how or where I got it from. My father has never been proud of me. Uttering a statement like I’m a mi$take.”



Nana went further to reveal that she was once pregnant without her knowledge. She said, “I was six months pregnant and didn’t know. I didn’t go for antenatal. The baby di£d and was d£caying in me. My aunt took me to the hospital and lied that I had an inf£ction.



I was relaxed, my mom said I passed out five times. I don’t know how the doctors did it that my womb is still intact. I have to do a lot of dirty and n@sty things because of my parents’ negligence. I dropped out from school in 300 level because there was no one to train me.”



Because I want money, I have sl£pt with different men and different d##ck sizes, I don’t enjoy s£x at all no matter the size of the d##ck. It even got worse when I started doing w0men.


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