[FULL ALBUM] Stunna 4 Vegas – Rich Youngin

[FULL ALBUM] Stunna 4 Vegas - Rich Youngin Mp3 Zip Fast Download Free Audio Complete

[FULL ALBUM] Stunna 4 Vegas – Rich Youngin Mp3 Zip Fast Download

The talented rapper Stunna 4 Vegas is out with another dope album called Rich Younging which comprises of 12 Lp tracks including features from Dababy, Lil baby, Blac Youngsta, Offset and many others.

Enjoy below!

Rich Youngin Album by Stunna 4 Vegas Tracklist;

1. Do Dat (feat. DaBaby & Lil Baby)

2. On Fye

3. R & Beef

4. Change My Life (feat. Blac Youngsta)

5. Russian

6. Punch Me In 5

7. Lou Will


9. Wet

10. Up The Smoke (feat. OFFSET)


12. A Hunnid, Hunid

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If you’re the still-rising MC Stunna 4 Vegas, the best way to look at the meteoric ascendence of fellow North Carolina native and your Billion Dollar Baby label head DaBaby is that him taking off the way he did simply cleared the runway for you. This line of thought is present on Stunna’s RICH YOUNGIN project, as is an unshakable conviction that he’s already on his way. “‘He got rich in six months, how’d he do that?’/I keep my foot on they neck, but y’all knew that,” Stunna raps on “DO DAT,” a song boasting the increasingly common infant tandem of DaBaby and Lil Baby.

The success Stunna refers to here is likely news even to fans, but he couldn’t sound more confident across RICH YOUNGIN’s 12 tracks. As an MC, Stunna trades mostly in energetic non sequitur, his verses frequently blurring into choruses and vice versa, and his production skews minimal if not chock-full of speaker-rattling 808 rumble. If there’s a single thing to take from the album’s consistent declarations of financial independence, it’s that having money wasn’t the end goal for Stunna 4 Vegas—it is his beginning.

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