How to Check Bvn On Etisalat / 9mobile Sim

How to check bvn on Etisalat / 9mobile: In the middle of filling out an important form at the bank and want to know how to check your bvn on your Etisalat sim? Look no further, because I’ll show you how to do it in a simple and straightforward manner in this piece.

Biometric mechanism known as the Bank Verification Number (BVN) has been introduced by Nigeria’s Central Bank to combat identity theft and other illicit financial activities. All account holders at any bank must have a bvn, which contains biometric information about their identity, in order to register and identify themselves. It is used by all Nigerian banks to keep track of who their customers are.

In order to apply for certain items and fill out crucial paperwork in the country like the NIMC (Identity card), you’ll need your own bvn, which is mandatory for everyone in the country. If you don’t already have one, go to a bank right away and sign up for one.

Banks and telecom service providers in Nigeria have made it incredibly simple and straightforward to access your bvn. To check your bvn, you no longer need to go to the bank. Instead, all you need is a sim card and a phone to get online and check your bvn from any location.

To check your etisalat bvn number, use the same etisalat sim card you used to open your bank account. Remember the phone number you provided on the application when you opened the bank account, the one where you receive your alerts?

If your phone’s sim card is missing or you’ve misplaced it, call your bank’s customer service department and ask for a replacement.

But if you have an etisalat sim card in your phone, you can use the code below to verify your bvn.

How to check bvn on etisalat / 9mobile with code

*565*0# is the ussd code to check your bvn on your Etisalat line. Your 11-digit bvn will be displayed to you immediately after dialing that code.

Because this would cost you N20, make sure you have enough credit on your etisalat sim card before you start the process.

Get your bvn and write it down to avoid stories that touch lol. Or, leave it and check it at any time by dialing the code. The fee is the same every time you access your bvn.

If you only have one bank account linked to your sim card, you can use the code above to check your bvn. If you have multiple bank accounts linked to your sim card, you will not be able to use the code above to access your bvn.

A simple walk-in to your bank is required in this situation; a few personal details will be requested, and you’ll be issued a bvn immediately.

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