“I Don’t Have Cancer In Jesus Name”


"I Don't Have Cancer In Jesus Name"

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has made a Prophetic declaration regarding the state of her health.

This came after the actress revealed during one of her TV edition, Mercy’s Menu with Joke Silva that she had a cancer health scare and as a result, she was placed on life medication.


Mercy Johnson has been receiving calls and messages about her condition, the short clip from her program that went viral online led to misunderstandings among her fans on her health.


The mother of four addressed the matter on her Instagram feed. People misunderstood her condition, she said in the video of her PSA, and she advised viewers to view the entirety of the episode from which she discussed her health to fully grasp her message.


In her words; “Hi guys! ok so first of all I must thank you so much for all of you who have been calling and sending messages and prayers, thank you, I do appreciate it so much but I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!


“I noticed that a clip from my TV show, Mercy’s Menu has been flying around and I think it was cut. They cut the clip. I said I had a cancer scare means that I have this sweeping on my neck (shows her neck), You can see the line there and my doctor felt it was something serious. I had problems with my thyroid, I am perfectly okay.


“Thank you so much for all of your calls and your messages, all these phones have been buzzing like crazy, I am perfectly fine and I DO NOT HAVE CANCER. I’M PERFECTLY OKAY. So thank you so much for checking up on me, thank you for all the messages. Go back and watch the clip, it was completely misunderstood, I’m fine!


“I do not have cancer in Jesus name! Thank you guys, bye!”.


She captioned her post; “So a little PSA! I’m okay guys. Thanks for all the calls and DMs I don’t take your love for granted!”.


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