“L@zy A$$ People Seating In Their House And Sc@mm!ng The Innocent”


"L@zy A$$ People Seating In Their House And Sc@mm!ng The Innocent"

Bigbrother Naija Season 7 winner, Phyna has called out people who are trying to scam her fans.

In series of post on her microblogging platform, Twitter, Phyna who had lost her Instagram account last year (though was later retrieved) said huge sum of money was demanded from her when the account was hacked.


She tweeted; “A lot is going on already first my account was hacked and a urge some of money was demanded, that one pass later an ex BBN Hm called me that somebody as been scamming her friend and has collected over 2m, that one pass.”


She also stated that her email was cloned or similar one was opened and it been use to scam her Phyna fans which they assumed it was her.


“Yesterday it got to my notice that my email was cloned or a similar one was opened I don’t know how it’s done
Please stop falling for all this, me phyna will never ask anybody for money, stop sending money to people
Lazy ass people seating in their house and scamming d innocent.”


She urged people engage in stuffs like that to stop it and told her fans she will never ask anyone to send her money, so they should not fall victim.

“It is pure wickedness ☹️😔😔 please STOP IT. Phyna will never ask any fan to send her money stop sending your money to people you don’t know in the name of phyna pleassssseeeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏”.


“I’m sorry about the grammatical errors, I type really fast plus there is auto correct
Nor mean say I nor sabi spell sha understand the message I’m passing
Dear fans stop sending money and replying to anybody it’s not me I don’t even pick calls sef🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️”.


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