“My Father Labeled Me A Mi$take, He Never Believed In Me”


"My Father Labeled Me A Mi$take, He Never Believed In Me"

Big Brother Titans housemate, Nana has given a distressing narrative of how she dropped out of school after her family failed to support her.

She claimed that her father never supported her, calling her a mistake. The 22-year-old revealed this on Tuesday, January 17, while conversing with her female housemates.



She said; “I was in 300 level when I had to drop out. I cried a lot coz of this. This made me to go through a lot. I had to take care of myself.



I don’t owe my mum anything cos I was in the street way too early, bringing things home, she never asked me how or where I got it from. My father has never been proud of me. Uttering a statement like I’m a mi$take.”



Nana went further to reveal that she was once pregnant without her knowledge. She said, “I was six months pregnant and didn’t know. I didn’t go for antenatal. The baby di£d and was d£caying in me. My aunt took me to the hospital and lied that I had an inf£ction.



I was relaxed, my mom said I passed out five times. I don’t know how the doctors did it that my womb is still intact. I have to do a lot of dirty and n@sty things because of my parents’ negligence. I dropped out from school in 300 level because there was no one to train me.



Because I want money, I have sl£pt with different men and different d##ck sizes, I don’t enjoy s£x at all no matter the size of the d##ck. It even got worse when I started doing w0men.”


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