My Father Shaved Me And Died And Now I Can’t Grow Hair Anywhere On My Body



When Jose was born, she was a normal and healthy girl. She had hair, good legs and she was generally healthy altogether. 

Her grandmother, Patricia, remembers how healthy she used to be when she was young. But things dramatically changed when her father shaved her hair, and all of a sudden, she couldn’t grow her hair ever again. 

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“She was born normally until she was five years old. She had hair and her legs were fine. But since her father shaved her when she was just five, we have been waiting for her hair to grow again but in vain, it has never grown again ever. Unfortunately, after his father has shaved her, he dies a little afterwards,” she said. 

As they were still pondering on what happened, Jose’s legs started to bend as well. 

“One leg was bent, it continued to get bent without our intervention. We started to wonder about the cause of her second condition but failed to understand it because she was normally fine and healthy,” Patricia recounts. 

Panickingly, they took her to hospital for better medical treatment but nothing changed, even though they spent some four months waiting to be treated.


“We took her to the hospital. She was no longer able to walk on her own, it was tough and she could only crawl, but as time went by, we reached the hospital and we gave her treatments to try to help her recover. It took more than four months but she finally started to get on so well,” Patricia added. 

The time came when they got back home after receiving treatments from the hospital, and Jose met a man who promised to love her so deeply. 

The man acted serious and had many good things which could testify his commitment, but he would later get disengaged for no particular reason. 

“He was committed at first, he wanted us to live to get and get on so well, but he had a group of friends who gave him bad advice, and at one point they asked him to stop getting along with me because of my lack of hair. The next thing I knew was that the man had already got away from me and promised to never come back,” she said. 

Today, Patricia is living together with Jose, who has no hair despite being a mature woman.

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