“Sheggz Has Shown Her Pepper”- Netizens React To Bella Okagbue Lengthy Prayer Online » MoMedia


"Sheggz Has Shown Her Pepper"- Netizens React To Bella Okagbue Lengthy Prayer Online » MoMedia

Netizens have reacted to Bella Okagbue Lengthy Prayer on social media some minutes ago.

Bella prayed that God should take away everything that is not right for her.

In her words:

Oh lord Please don’t let me settle for anything that is not for me. I don’t want to walk in a life that doesn’t fit me. Open everyday door that needs to be opened and close every door that needs to be closed. Remove who you need to remove and add who you need to add. Correct me, reposition me, redirect me, and guide me. I don’t want to settle for hallucination of what you put in my heart, when I can walk in the dream that you gave me. I know I get so overwhelmed trying to worry about the future and often forget that you haven’t led me to a place that isn’t part of your plan, I Trust the process. 🙏”.

Some comments on social media reads:


Honestly I love Bella been with these guy I don’t think is the right decision maybe latter she can decide to be with him ,she still fresh from they house let her give herself two years to build herself by herself without anyone thinking the she is irrelevant without them but what do I know? She is naive and innocent and can easily be used unlike phyna that has nothing to loose even though she is been used cos she has seen it all but Bella haven’t seen much of life .these world is cold and wicked o people can use u to achieve there aim and make it look like they are there for u in a cunny way just like they case of Emmanuel and rose .shippers may frown over these but only those who truly cares knows these truth .I wish her the best




Somebody said she wants to experience abuse by herslf ..make una leave am o😂😂😂 dem no dey telli person oooo




So now someone can pray again? Everything is supposed to be about her relationship?? God will disappoint all of you waiting for something to happen



Honestly, looks like Sheggz has shown her a little pepper 😂😂😂. I have no pity for you though. You said you want to experience it. Oya ooooo enjoy the experience and stop disturbing us with nonsense epistle 😂😂😂




She said she wants to experience abuse by herself, first hand. We no wan hia pim ekuke




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